Thursday, July 20, 2017

Indescribable Indie Teepee

A few weeks ago a woman I didn't know contacted me.  She had seen some of my Second Life forum posts, and had some questions about land and permissions .

And that is how I found out about "Indie Teepee".  It's an annual event, and this year it runs from July 21 through August 6.

What is it?  Well, I'm not sure I can really answer that question, even though I helped them set up the region.  I visited their official website it is:  The website was very helpful in describing what was going on when, and who was doing it!  But I went away scratching my head a bit, still wondering whether there was some sort of overall unifying  theme or goal.

Finally I got it through my head that this was because the aim of Indie Teepee isn't something concrete and specific, like, oh, Hair Fair, for example.  No, its vision is broader.  It's about virtual worlds, our virtual lives therein, art, creativity, and individual expression.

Indie Teepee has something fun for just about everyone.  There's a double handful of live performances.  There are DJs from popular SL clubs.  There's theater, and there are workshops, and a bunch of content creators are offering wares ranging from clothing to landscaping to makeup for mesh heads.  Oh, and there's something I haven't seen anywhere else in SL ever:  a Speed Dating event...with poseballs!

Visit the website, visit the event!  It's wild, it's eclectic, it's indescribable.  It's Indie Teepee 2017.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Those Bouncing Boobies

Last night, my new friend Hikari asked “How do you make your boobs jiggle?”  I explained about avatar physics.

Oh, have I lost you already?  Avatar physics have been around for quite a long time in Second Life, even longer than Mesh.  Avatar physics is a way to make your breasts, belly, and butt jiggle when you move.  The settings are controlled by a special Physics layer.  It’s worn just like any other clothing layer (although it’s invisible).  When you edit it, a set of sliders appears to let you adjust the amount of bounce.  Strawberry Singh has a very complete tutorial about it.

But then my friend asked, “Does that make my Mesh clothes jiggle too?” and I had to pause for a moment.  I knew that SOME mesh items (for example, my Maitreya Lara mesh body) were affected by physics.  But I also knew that a lot of my Mesh clothing didn’t jiggle at all.  In fact, with some close-fitting tops, I had to turn off physics or adjust my alpha mask settings, or my boobs would peep through with every step or bounce.

So I did a little research.  It turns out that Mesh clothing CAN be rigged in such a way that it responds to avatar physics…like the Maitreya body, it will jiggle when you do.  But a lot of Mesh clothing makers don’t take the time to add this rigging to their products.  Moreover, most creators don’t specify in their advertising whether their outfits offer this feature.

What’s the answer?  The only thing I can suggest is that you carefully try out the demo for any Mesh clothing, and if it’s not rigged for physics, decide whether you still want it enough to buy it.  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Creepy People

Yesterday, I put on my Fourth of July festive outfit and was setting up fireworks displays at the Masocado Resort.  All was going well, until I got a message out of the blue.  Here's the log, with the name changed (although he doesn't deserve it) to protect his privacy.

[2017/07/03 11:23]  Creepy Resident: spanish english?
[2017/07/03 11:23]  Lindal Kidd: I speak English
[2017/07/03 11:23]  Creepy Resident: nice dress
[2017/07/03 11:24]  Lindal Kidd: thank you...but I don't see you?
[2017/07/03 11:24]  Creepy Resident: From?
[2017/07/03 11:25]  Lindal Kidd: this is creepy.  How can you see my dress?  I don't see you in my nearby list
[2017/07/03 11:28]  Creepy Resident: This is a dum game, yes but I am very far from you Nautilus MARINA
[2017/07/03 11:29]  Creepy Resident: You are a beautiful Laidy
[2017/07/03 11:30]  Second Life: Creepy Resident is offering friendship.  
 Would you be my friend?  (By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)
[2017/07/03 11:31]  Second Life: Friendship offer declined.

The strange thing about this was that, even though my radar will show people up to several regions away, Mr. Creepy was not on the list.  When I tried to use the clue he provided and looked around the various Nautilus City regions, I couldn't find him there, either.  Yet he obviously had his camera on me.  I never did figure out where he was perving me from.

Perhaps even worse, Mr. Creepy's profile showed him to have been in SL for over five years.  You would think that after that much time, he would have developed at least a little understanding of the social mores of our virtual world.  Yet his conversation...the immediate request for Real Life personal information, the focus on my appearance, and the unsolicited Friends offer...were those of your typical newbie horndog.

After declining his offer of friendship, I blocked him and then banned him from Masocado's parcels.

Then I logged off and washed my hands.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Here Comes the Big One - SL14B!

Every June, Second Life celebrates its Birthday.  This year marks the 14th year of Second Life, and it looks like the celebration will be one of the biggest and best yet.

I'm not going to go into details here.  I would either have to leave out a whole lot of stuff (and probably the one thing YOU would be most interested in!) or this post would go on for pages and pages.

But for those of you who haven't been to a Birthday before, here are the basics:

Every year, Linden Lab sets up a number of special regions.  On those regions, Residents create what is essentially a World's Fair of Second Life...hundreds of exhibits, games, and attractions.  There are also nearly continuous live performances on several stages throughout the area.  One of these has traditionally been the "Cake Stage"...a venue in the form of a gigantic birthday cake.  At the end of the Birthday Week, the Cake is destroyed...and it's quite a sight to see such a large structure come apart.

This year's theme is "Carnivalesque".  That should tell you that you are in for a real mind boggling, colorful, surreal experience!  Maybe even more so than usual, and I will tell you that every time I've visited the Birthday sims, it's definitely a case of Sensory Overload.

So mark the week of June 18-25 on your calendars, and be sure to share in Second Life's biggest annual celebration.

Here's the link for more information:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Two Bits of Bad News

Normally I like to be upbeat in these pages, but today I have to report a couple of pieces of annoying news.

First, there's a poorly implemented feature in your Inventory that could cause you to permanently lose thousands of items if you aren't careful.

There is a helpful notice that now will pop up if there's a large number of items in your Trash folder, saying "your Trash is overflowing".  It's not, really...there is no set limit for how many things you can put in there.  But this helpful reminder to empty your Trash can combine with a bug or with user error (we're not sure yet if it's just one or the other, or both).  In any case, folders that you had no intention of putting in Trash can wind up there.  There can even be subfolders inside them, and the total number of items can be very large.

If you get this notice, and empty your Trash without taking a VERY careful look at its contents, you could easily lose major amounts of your inventory!

For more on this, see this Forum thread:

Second, Linden Lab posted a notice that they re-set everybody's Place Pages to the default values by mistake.  If you have Place Pages, re-visit them and reload your settings and photos!  For LL's official "I'm sorry" post, see:

Don't know what a Place Page is?  Check out:

Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Avatar Limits for Regions

This week, LL posted some upcoming changes to how Second Life regions will manage avatars.

Since the dawn of time, SL regions have had a maximum number of avatars that they will support.  For full regions, this is 100.  It's less in Homestead or Openspace regions.

Access has always been first come, first served.  Anyone can get into the region, but if it reaches its capacity, no one else can get in until someone who is there leaves, making room.

But Linden Lab is making some changes to that.  First of all, region owners and managers will always be able to get in, even if the region is at its maximum capacity.

Second, and perhaps more significantly, the maximum capacity of regions is being increased.  Instead of 100 avatars, now full regions will allow up to 110.  Homestead regions go up from 20 to 25, and Openspace regions from 10 to 12.

But there's a catch.  The new higher capacities are only available to Premium members.  If you are a Basic member, and a region you want to get into already has 100 people, you will still get the "Region Full" message.  But your friend who's a Premium member will be able to get in.

Probably a fairly minor Premium benefit, but they do add up.

Read more about this change in the official Linden Lab blog post:

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Place Pages - A New Way to Advertise Your Land

Last week, Linden Lab mainstreamed a feature that they'd been experimenting with, called Place Pages.

If you own land in Second Life, you can go to a URL for this.  Clicking My Places will display all the parcels you own.  If you have elected the "Show in Search" feature for a parcel (this costs $L30 per week, per parcel), you can display a "Place Page".  On it, you can include a description of the parcel, an ultrawide "Hero Image", and up to three additional images.  If you want, you can use a Project Viewer that incorporates the new spherical panoramic photo function to create the Hero Image.  If you choose this option, the image can be panned by the visitor to show a complete all-around view.

The Place Page includes a SLURL link so a visitor can teleport directly to your Place.

I have found what appears to be a minor bug in the system.  Although my land is Moderate, in the window where I view my Places, the parcels are listed as "Adult: Yes."  However, in the actual, viewable Place Page, the Moderate rating of the area is shown correctly.

This is a great way to give a little bit more advertising exposure for your store, club, or scenic spot in Second Life!

See the official blog post about Place Pages here:

Here is a Knowledge Base article about Place Pages:

Visit your own Place Page page here:

Here's the Place Page I created for Masocado: